What are cookies?
A cookie is a small file stored on your device. It stores information about how you have used our site, for example, remembering which product you viewed last. The file is not malicious, it can not contain viruses or programming codes. Most modern browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.) are set to accept cookies automatically, but you can choose to change settings so cookies are not accepted. We note that it will cause a lot of websites to not work optimally if you do not accept cookies. By using this website you agree that we may put cookies in your browser. Be sure never to store information that can identify you personally.

What are cookies used for?
We are interested in this information in order to make our services more user friendly, to gain insights that can be used to develop the website so that it is relevant to our visitors and for marketing purposes. We never store information that can identify you personally.

Which cookies are using the site:
Session_id - Sets a "session ID" while on the website to keep track of items you add to your shopping cart. This cookie is deleted as soon as you close the browser.

RecentSearchs - saves recent searches you have made on the website (in the search box) to better provide the right search results for the mobile version of the website. This cookie will be stored for one year on your browser, if you do not delete it yourself.

LastProductID - Stores the last product you visited on the website to display similar products on the front page the next time you are there. This cookie will be stored for one year on your browser, if you do not delete it yourself.

LoadMenulevelID - stores which menu items you last viewed in order to display similar products on the website. This cookie will be stored for one year on your browser, if you do not delete it yourself.

Google Analytics cookies:
__utmz looks where you came from (search engine, keyword, link, etc.) when you landed on our pages. We use Google Analytics internally on our pages.
__utma keeps track of how many times you've been on our pages so we can see how many users we have got in for the first time and how many people come through our pages more often.
__utmb and __utmc keep track of how long you stay on our web sites when you visit them. These are deleted when you leave our pages.

If you want to disable cookies
You can choose to change the settings of your browser so cookies are not accepted, but you may find that some features of the site are not working optimally. You can also choose a setting that will let you know each time a cookie appears, and then you can decide in each case whether you want to allow it or not.

More information about
How to turn off the cookie feature in your browser
Customized advertising based on your use of the Internet

Example of public information you can link to:
If you do not want to be tracked by google analytics there is an OPT-OUT page where you can set this:

If you want to see what Google uses to show ads to you, and possibly adjust this, visit this page:

By using KLARNA
Klarna AB uses cookies to offer you the best and tailor made online experience when visiting Klarnas website. When you allow Klarna to place cookies on your computer, the settings you selected at the previous visit will be saved. The next time you visit the webpage again, you do not have to fill them out again. It is not possible for Klarna to identify our visitors based on this general information. No personal data is stored in this process.
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